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Yusuf Al Mulla

Yusuf Al Mulla


Even before UAE was established as a country Mr Yusuf’s grandfather Mr Taher Al Aidarous was one of the first architects and engineers in Dubai municipality.

In 1974 he founded one the first engineering, architect and consultants’ company “Al Aidarous Engineers & Consultancy” in Dubai. He is affiliated with a lot of civil engineering of Old Dubai and was the master developer of the first residential community Al Rashidiya in Dubai contracted personally by the late His Highness, Sheikh Rashid Bin Saeed Al Maktoum’s office for the development.

In the legacy of his grandfather Mr Yousef has continued to develop privately and in partnership with various companies being involved in multi-billion-dirham projects locally and internationally.

In 2022 Palladium Development acquiesced Mr Yusuf’s development and construction companies to become an integral arm of Palladium Group.

"Continuing in the legacy of my grandfather, Taher Al Aidarous, former chief architect & engineer of Dubai municipality, in serving the development of my country"

— Yusuf Al Mulla

History (1985-2022)

Early 1980s
Early 1980s source : Unknow
1991 source : Flashy Dubai
2001 source : The National News
2010 source : Samoa Global News
2021 source : Conde Nast Traveler
Dubai now
Dubai now source : Designboom
Wissam J. Salameh

Wissam J. Salameh

Design director at Arex Group
and Founder at Palladium Group

Wissam is the managing partner at Arex Consultants and leader for project design management in both pre and post contract services. With more than 20 years of professional experience, his insight into the design and construction process and his ability to integrate strategic management solutions with the design process provides unique opportunities for all projects. His organizational skills and creativity allows him to lead and manage teams for large-scale mixed use projects to single house premises.
His works included commercial, residential, hospitality, and health care in the MENA region.

"Projects that he has worked on are a live witness to the successful accomplishments and distinguished designs and engineering"

— Wissam J. Salameh

Wissam’s projects

The Opus
The Opus Commercial Building
Oxford Tower
Oxford Tower Commercial Building
Al Sharq Tower
Al Sharq Tower Residental Building
One At Palm
One At Palm Residental Building
ALW Building
ALW Building Residental Building
V Tower
V Tower Residental Building
ACR Al Warqaa
ACR Al Warqaa Residental Building
Martial Art Club
Martial Art Club Leisure & Educational
Sports City
Sports City Leisure & Educational
OneJ’S VILLA Villas
Residence 795 Villa
Residence 795 Villa Villas
Evgeny Kogan

Evgeny Kogan

Partner at Palladium Group

One of the leading experts in 2nd and 3rd tier Russian companies with over 30 years of investment and securities trading experience. Head of Antanta Capital for 6 years, senior partner of Tretiy Rim Asset Management, member of the board of NAUFOR and RTS.

A graduate of the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation (summa cum laude), PhD in economics, visiting professor at Higher School of Economics Research University in Moscow. Occasional contributor to Forbes, Vedomosti and other leading Russian business media, guest speaker on RBC-TV business channel. Founder and contributor to BitKogan — a popular media channel about money and investment manageme.

"Dubai is going same way as Singapore and Hong Kong did, when I look at Dubai future, I get pursuaded that it’s brilliant"

— Evgeny Kogan


Diversification of the UAE
Diversification of the UAE economy
Dubai Government's Population
Growth Targets
Dubai Government's Population Growth Targets
Real estate prices
per m²
Real estate prices per m²
Real estate prices in popular areas
of the UAE
Real estate prices in popular areas of the UAE
Palladium Development Tailored solutions

Tailored solutions

Our flexible partnership programs enable us to aptly adapt to your investment requirements in real estate developments.

We match your equity, co-invest in your project and successfully structure financing and cashflow of the investment based on our expertise.

We offer only real objects for investments.

Become our partner and earn money.

With a yield
of 50 -100%
per year

Objects available for investments

85%+ ROI 18 month realisation

Jumeirah Garden City

Al Barsha - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Amount of investment $5,500,000 – 9,000,000
Number of floors G+8
Number of units 57
Investment Required
Land cost $4.4M
Gross Construction Cost $5.7M
Gross Development Expenditure $0.9M
Total Project Cost $11M
Projected Gross Sales Value $17,6M
Total ROl 239%
Profit Share
Investor's share 70%
Investor's ROI 168%

75%+ ROI 24 month realisation

Al Barsha Heights

Al Fay Road, Jumeirah Golf Estates

Amount of investment $15,000,000
Number of floors G+14
Number of units 140
Total Capital Stack
Land & Equity Contribution 40,000,000
Finance in Equity Contribution 66,503,600
Total Equity Contribution 106,503,600
Project Expected Proceeds & Profit
Project Units Sale Proceeds 129,311 sq.ft.
Total Proceeds of the Project 129.311
Total Proceeds of the Project
Gross Sales Value 182,150,535
ROI 71,02%

101%+ ROI 18 month realisation

Business Bay

Amount of investment $29,209,807
Number of floors g+4+14
Number of units 123
Total Capital Stack
Land & Equity Contribution $29,209,807
Finance in Equity Contribution $14,715,000
Total Equity Contribution $56,924,807
Project Expected Proceeds & Profit
Total Proceeds of the Project 199,295 sq.f
Total Proceeds of the Project
Gross Sales Value $109,500,00
ROI 101%

How it’s work?

  1. Realty investments and capital raising
  2. Project implementation and realization
  3. Exit strategy

    Our exit solution are tailored to maximize return on investments in the fastest and the most effective way capitalizing on every opportunity available ensuring investment guarantee and liability.

    Examples of our exit strategies are: capitalizing on asset appreciation; investment guarantee fund from sales; early exits by exploiting market trends and tailored solutions based upon business acumen.

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